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How to Test Vibrating Screen ?

Date:2012-07-30    Source:

Vibrating screen has been widely used in mine, construction, transportation, energy and chemical industries. To prolong the working life of the bearing, proper lubrication , protection plans, as well as bearing state detection work should be taken into account. Inappropriate vibratory screen bearing clearance can cause a metallic sound. Sharp squeaking noise may be caused due to improper lubrication. Dent bearing peripheral track will cause vibration, resulting in a smooth and crisp sound, if the percussion scars caused due to the installation, will also produce noise.

Listening is one of the methods to check whether the vibrating screen is abnormal. We can use the hearing to recognize irregular operation of vibrating screen, such as through electronic auscultation to detect a particular part of the normal noise, which is an experienced operator often to use. If the bearing is in good condition, vibrating screen will be issued a low hum sound, if issued a sharp hissing sound, squeaky sound, and other irregular sounds, usually shaking screen bearings are in adverse operating conditions.

If it has situation of tremendous noise, we must replace the bearing immediately. Therefore, a better way such as the use of electronic situation to test equipment, pre-diagnosis of the functioning of the vibratory screen bearings. Compared to the old method, the use of advanced instruments is a more accurate estimate of the vibrating screen bearings situation.

Regular maintenance will be a better way to extend the working life of the vibrating screen machine. Instead of using different methods to check out whether the equipment has any problems, we can make prevention work as early as possible.


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