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Large-scale Projects Are Encouraged in China

Date:2012-07-25    Source:

It is reported that despite the economic slowdown, China's financial institutions are being urged to increase credit support to large-scale projects to guarantee their continuity. Banks and other financial institutions are being advised to provide continued support to local government financing vehicles eligible for such loans.

Infrastructure construction is an important part in national economy. For decades, our government have put a great deal of investment on different kinds of construction projects. We, Chinese people have gone through significant changes. Because of the economic depression, we have postponed many big infrastructure projects. Now, however, we restart the municipal construction projects. People are encouraged to invest on construction projects.

Mining machinery industry is closely related to construction industry. As we all know, industrial development has long been the key to the national economy. On the other hand, crusher industry is the sunrise industry in China. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, road, rail and chemical industry.

Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry is specialized in the production of crusher, sand making machine and so on. We always adhere to the independent innovation of new product and improve the competitiveness of their brand. And they set the new direction for mining machinery industry. Our company has formed a complete production-chain that takes crushers as the main products We are now becoming a major production and export base of crusher equipment in China.

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