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Outlook Of the 2012 Olympics

Date:2012-07-19    Source:

Only 9 days to go before the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games. It is the time for athletes to compete on the world stage and  realize their Olympic dream. We, Chinese people are so attached to this wonderful country the Olympics. On the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, China won 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 28 bronze medals, totaled 100 medals, topping the gold medal tally and winning the second in the overall medal table.

It is reported that Around 500,000 visitors are expected between July and August. People will flock in from all over the world to watch the sensational event. However, London’s Olympic organizers are now facing the  huge challenges. These issues have to be brought to attention in order to protect the Games.

  How to evacuate the visitors and ensure the safety ?As the rail traffic of modem cities, passenger flow of subway is becoming larger and larger, so it is of great importance for subway safety management to study sub-train fire. Of course, safety first. The authorities have delivered some 10,400 personnel to protect stadiums and other events. However, the former blunder has forced the government to call in an extra 3,500 troops.

When it refers to London, we may easily complain about the weather. Britain is experiencing a very wet summer,  many activities will be limited due to the bad weather. Even the torch relay was dampened once. Therefore, how to deal with any eventuality becomes the key.

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