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Golden Age of Crusher Equipments

Date:2012-07-09    Source:

       Lots of people may worry about that mining machinery industry cannot continue to maintain rapid growth in the next 10 years due to the current situation. However, it has been predicted that the golden history of mining machinery industry will continue to keep at least 10 years, which is far from imagination.    After years development, mining machinery industry starts to transit from the sufficient competition to the oligarchic competition. The circumstances where both small business and big enterprise increase in high speed will be gone forever. In the future, large enterprise are getting stronger and the small enterprise will become even weaker.
      In the past ten years, the great development of crusher industry mainly benefited from the high-speed rail construction, urbanization and western expansion and so on. In the next 10years, the industry development is still inseparable with the macroeconomic development; meanwhile, the leading crusher manufacturing enterprise will usher in the next 10 golden years with the deepening of industry consolidation.
     Compared with domestic market, the oversea market of mining machinery is broader. Crusher manufacturing industry is the important part of manufacturing. In recent years, the foreign-oriented mining industry has been a feature phenomenon due to the inclusive growth of products exported to foreign country. The growth of traditional export product such as grinding machine, electric machinery, and crushing machine is increasing.
     Domestic manufacturing structure will be greatly adjusted, for example, adjusting the industrial structure and promoting the industrial upgrading. In order to have a long-term development, enterprises must adjust and utilize industrial structure. Crusher manufacting enterprise have to exert the advantages of traditional mining machine industry but also continue the development of knowledge-intensive industry so as to promote the upgrading of mining machinery industry.

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