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Impact Crusher Capacity Improvement

Date:2012-07-04    Source:


 Impact crusher has come up to advanced national standards. The machine adopts brand-new design conception with modularization, CAD structure and finite element to analyze and produce optimized parts. In order to prolong the working life of the machine , we need to know something about the maintenance and operation of impact crusher:
1. Before starting the machine, make a rigorous testing
2. Check the lubrication system regularly
3. Deliver the rocks in the impact crusher evenly. Make sure the stone in proper size and can be crushed.
4. Make sure to keep the machine sealed in order to prevent the dust from flowing into the air.
5. Do not operate the impact crusher without engineer's guide or experienced operator.
   During the operation process of impact crusher, emergency will occur , therefore to learn some emergency treatment about impact crusher is necessary.
1. Bearing temperature is too high
Solution: First of all, to check whether the lubricating grease reduce, the standard should be full of grease on bearing capacity of 50%; Cleaning bearings and replace lubricating grease in time; if the bearings wear seriously, please replace bearings.
2.Discharging particle size is too large
Solution: Adjusting the gap of counterattack frame or replacing seriously worn scale board and board hammer; in addition, adjust the position of counterattack frame, making counterattack on both sides and frame lining to achieve relative gap to ensure the size of material.

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