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Way to Process Non-metallic Mineral

Date:2012-07-04    Source:


As we all know, when natural minerals are processed into industrial raw materials, the greater the value of the processing, the higher of the market value. Especially for  our country, cheap labor is our advantage, which combined with the products of deep processing in order to maintain this advantage. Due to the natural environment, some mineral with high purity has become a strategic advantage in the markets, such as  fluorite ore, barite ore, phosphate rocks as well as some stone varieties. These products can meet the domestic market needs, but also plays an important role in the international market. Therefore, non-metallic mineral processing technology can promote the overall competitiveness
 For non –metallic mineral processing, the first  working procedure is crushing. The research on powders has been reaching to reach its peak. With a professionaljaw crusher and ball mill, non-metallic mineral can be crushed into the required particle size. In the processing of pendulum grinder to powder and high pressure mill to mill, using coarse and fine powder separator powder and classify to become industrial products. Shanghai Xiazhou Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd producedimpact crusher, sand maker are widely in domestic major mining. Non-metallic mineral with purification, ultra –fine grinding and surface modification are popular among customers both at home and abroad and can achieve good results and
 The ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic minerals is the key technology to enhance the non-metallic mineral processing. For many years it is the research hotspot in academia. Non-metallic minerals are mostly low value, has a larger value –added by ultrafine grinding of non –metallic mineral products, generally can be increased by sea -30times, which has substantive economic benefits , but also greatly enhance the application of mineral value and range of application .


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