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Mobile Crusher: Expert in Building Waste Disposal

Date:2012-07-04    Source:

 As for the management of building waste, most of developed countries adopt building waste source control policy, in another word, before the building waste is formed, they will use scientific management and effective way to minimize the waste. For the already produced building waste, they often use scientific means to turn them into renewable resources. In China, however, the common way to deal with building waste is burying, which not only wastes the available resources, but also polluted the environment.
 In recent years, our country also begins to pay attention to the reasonable use of materials resources, a lot of policies has been put forward. Such as consumption conservation and emission reduction, we now put more emphasis on recycling. Since the recycled building materials are lower in prices compared with common building materials, they are well received in the market. In order to effectively solve the problem on city building waste, in many cities, we have passed the decision of taking advantage of building waste disposal equipment to process the building waste, carried out the strategy of collecting and recycling the building waste and researched the application situation of the building waste disposal equipment in the market.
  The professional building waste disposal equipment produced by Shanghai Xiazhou is able to process about three thousand tons of building materials every day, part of the wastes are used as baking-free brick materials by the local brick manufacturing companies, and the rest of the concrete aggregates are used as water-stable layer materials in municipal administration avenues.
Our sand maker is of simple structure, easy installation and maintenance and low operating cost. At the same time, operators can make use of mobile building waste crusher in order to conduct multi-level crushing to large-sized materials. Not to mention, the equipment covers a small space so that it will save a lot of infrastructure construction and removal cost. There's no need to transport the materials to other places to be crushed, so that the materials transportation cost will be greatly reduced. It is used to  redesigned and reshaped the waste in order to realize sustainable development.

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