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XiaZhou Mobile Crusher: Pioneer in Construction Waste Treatment

Date:2012-07-05    Source:


At present, urbanization construction is in the important stage, however, with the increasing of construction waste, the development of the urbanization slows down due to the diminishing resources and environment pollution. In order to change the situation, Shanghai XiaZhou Industry Machinery Co., Ltd have long been contributed to advanced construction waste treatment technology, after research and development, we have successfully launched a new mobile crusher which is the best equipment in processing construction waste .
  Mobile crusher produced by XiaZhou is is applied to multistage crush large materials, and then screen the discharges according to their different specifications. After configuration, machine with different types can form a powerful assembly line and can be used in many processing projects. With the advanced design, high production efficiency, easy maintenance, low operation cost and stable and reliable performance, mobile crusher is the first choice when people want to deal with construction waste. In addition, the rationalization of the use of resources will bring good news to the processing of construction waste. It can greatly reducing the construction waste in the process of transporting and minimize pollution.
      The of concept energy conservation and environmental protection is deep-rooted in the hearts of people, construction waste treatment is an necessary problem to solve. Recycling of construction waste can not only reduce emissions and  pollution of the construction waste , but also  protect the ecological system, to some extent, it can reduce building materials consumption and realize the sustainable development of circular economy. Shanghai XiaZhou will continuously introduce advanced technology and make effort to improve urbanization construction.

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