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Factors That Influenced Crushing Capacity

Date:2012-06-11    Source:

The capacity of the crusher can be affected by various factors, such as shapes of the feeding material, ways of feeding, status of the feeding material, composition of the particles and so on. Hard and fragile material are easier to crush than hard and flexible materials. It's true that platy material are easier to crush than globular material and the mixed material are easier to crush than material combined with particles of same size. On the contrary, if the size of the feeding material surpasses the max. Feeding particle size or the feeding entry is choked because of too much feeding materials, the capacity will decrease. And normally 1 cubic meter equals 1.6 metric tons.
To improve the crushing capacity and to prolong the working life of the crusher, operators should feed the material according to the instruction. Thus we suggest the users purchase assorted feeders. Shnaghai Xiazhou will provide you variou kinds of crushing equipments.

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