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Coal Industry Brings New development for Crusher Industry

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

As pointed out in many of the sector studies, the total consumption of coal industry in China is rapidly increasing. During the process of the " 12th Five Year Plan " , there will a chain effect on resources integration and capital integration, the whole market will enter into a adjustment period. The transformation and upgrading of coal industry will certainly accelerate the mechanization of coal processing equipments. Crusher industry,  is closely related to coal industry,  will also usher in a new era.
   At present, coal industry is facing many limiting factors such as shrinking demands , wasting of resources and emission pollution. Coal gangue is the main solid by-products in coal industry, if not properly used, it will be a great threat to the environment. Only through upgrading industry restructuring and focusing on environmental protection and energy saving can realize the healthy and stable development of coal industry. Crusher, as one of the most important equipments in coal mining industry , will also have a strong position in emerging markets.
    With the development of world economy, the consumption of coal resources start to mushroom, coal industry faces enormous pressure onenvironmental protection.  To deal with these new problems, Shanghai XiaZhou Industry Machinery Co., Ltd have worked out a series of plans. As a professional manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of production experience, after market research, we constantly improve product quality. Our main products including impact crusher,jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc. They are used to break coal gangue into architectural aggregate , at the same time, they can minimize emissions and realize the  recycling of waste resources.

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