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Development History of Impact Crusher

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

When we trace back to the development history of impact crusher, we found that it first appeared in the 1850s, so it has passed for a long period from the birth of the world's first jaw crusher. With the development of productive forces, old jaw crusher can not fully met the needs of the crushing technology. Thus, the first impact crusher was developed based on the design of thejaw crusher. In 1924, the German first developed two models of impact crushers---single-rotor and double-rotor impact crusher.
      Until 1942, the German Andreson summarized the working principle  and structure characteristics of the squirrel cage hammer crusher, and based on these, he invented the AP series impact crusher which had the similar structure with the modern impact crusher. It was not until 1950s that China has first real crusher. That is to say, domestic crushing and screening equipmenta are mostly developed in 1950s. In 1980s, our domestic crushers were restricted  to process some medium-hard  raw materials such as  limestone and coal .
      Until the end of the 1980s, the introduction of the KHD type hard rock impact crusher filled the gaps. But we have already been left behind for twenty years. At first, the core parts blow bars of the domestic hard rock impact crushers mainly depended on imports. And later, the blow bar localization was listed as the ministerial-level scientific research projects in the 8th Five-Year Plan period. Then, after the success of the project, the domestic blow bars not only replace imports, but also a large number of them are exported to Europe, the U.S, Japan and other countries.

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