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The Development of Crusher Industry Spurs the Market

Date:2012-06-01    Source:

 With the rapid economic growth, lots of policies and laws has been put into effect, infrastructure construction, steel and high-speed rail construction industry will have an all-round development. There will be greater investment on various industries, at the same time, people have higher demands on crusher equipments. It is a golden opportunity for crusher industry to spur the market and achieve greater development.
According to the data, domestic crusher equipment enterprises have developed rapidly since the 4th quarter of last year. However, with the exits of domestic economic stimulus packages and the recession in the United States and Europe, crusher industry will face the unprecedented pressure in the second half of the year. In addition, as fundamental factors were behind the rise in prices, many enterprises are also expected to see their profits drop.
The global economic trends, some property tightening measures and the fixed-asset investment, will all have powerful impact on the production of sand aggregate. It is said that 7 million units of affordable housing will be constructed in May, crusher industry will have more development opportunities and broader market. But we are not sure whether the local government have sufficient funds to guarantee the project successfully completed. Therefore, crusher industry are faced with great pressure, moreover, there is still chance existed.
We believe that crusher industry and other related industries will have a bright future in the near future. As a pioneer in mining machinery industry, Shanghai XiaZhou will take the chance and try to improve ourselves.


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