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Artificial Sand Promotes The Development Of Sand Maker

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

Under the national tendency and the slogan of environmental protection and energy saving, the traditional sand blasting equipment has gradually be eliminated. We now pay more and more attention on high efficiency and development. Shanghai Xiazhou have optimized sand manufacturing devices into the high efficiency energy saving and environmental protection products. We promote the overall success of our products and cut down the energy consumption. 
       In order to satisfy the current demands and the uncertainty of the individual customer's requirements, sand machinery enterprises continuously absorb different kinds of new technology and modern management technology. In order to achieve high quality, low consumption, clean and flexible production, they focus on comprehensive application in product design, management, sales, use, service and even the whole process of the recovery. The remarkable features of sand maker is based on the requirements of building sand, with strong abrasion resistance. The increasing demands for sand also promotes the rapid development of the sand machine.
       To a certain degree, sand maker is a symbol of the industrial manufacturing level of a country. After years of development, Shanghai Xiazhou has gradually leaded the market. High-tech content has become the key market competition to win, so low energy consumption products have made brilliant achievements. We will take the lead in the sand production line to implement to energy saving and emission reduction in each product. Quality and environment should be part of the hard work and our company takes the lead in practice energy conservation and emission reduction plan in mining machinery industry.

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