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Wear Parts: The Decisive Factor of Sand Making Machine

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

Sand making machine is suitable for crushing materials with medium or high hardness, the products of which has a wide application. Shanghai Xiazhou has made great effort to research and develop new type of sand making machine over the past few years. In order to meet the needs of different material crushing, we will introduce the use of wear parts of sand making machine, and the details are as following:
1. The power of the engine and the running speed of the machine. Irrational design of sand making machine will will greatly reduce the working  life of wearing parts. Therefore, the quality of the wear-resistant parts has a direct influence on sand making machine.
2. The service life of wear parts is proportional to the material texture, that is to say, if the crushed material is fragile, the wear part will last for a longer time. On the contrary, it will have a relatively shorter service life if the material is hard to crush. Because the hard materials will have larger damage to the the wear-resistant parts, when selecting a sand making machine, material texture should be taken into account.
 3. As with the same shape of wear parts, the using effect can be very different just because the difference of the making methods and material texture. For enterprises, wear parts with good quality and high production process are the decisive factor  of sand making machine. Although the price is relatively high, it  is a good choice for the long-term development of the customers.

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