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Advantages of Cone Crusher

Date:2012-07-05    Source:


      Cone crusher is widely used in many industries and has the features of high efficiency. According to
different crushing requirments, it can be divided into three kinds: coarse crushing, secondary crushing and
tertiary crushing. Based on the current situation in China, secondary crushing usually use standard cone
crusher and tertiary crushing usually use short head type cone crusher. However, the coarse crushing
equipment is cone crusher or jaw crusher. Here we will briefly analyse the main advantages of cone crusher
compared with jaw crusher.

      1.Stable operation, lower weight basis and light vibration . The basis weight of cone crusher is usually 2-3
times that of machinery equipment. While the basis weight of jaw crusher was 5-10 times of the machine

       2.Cone crusher is more easier to start compared with jaw crusher. Before the start of a heavy rotating
flywheel, jaw crusher needs extra help.

       3. Large cone crusher can be directly fed with the ore bin and raw ore. There's no need for additional
feeder. Jaw crusher is not packed to the mine, and even request to mine. Therefore, a separate ore bin is
needed, especially when the ore block is bigger than 400 mm, you have to install expensive heavy plate

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