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Internet Security Becomes More and More Important for Enterprises

Date:2012-05-17    Source:

      Enterprises whether they are large enterprises or small enterprises, are all networked. Internet will definitely bring convenience to people, at the same time, there are other problems existed.  Softwares such as OA, ERP are widely used in the enterprises. However, the problems are so obvious that people can not easily ignore them. Shanghai Xiazhou will analyse the problems as follows:
1.strong dependence of the Internet 
2. large amounts of maintenance work
3. little network management personnel
4. insufficient funds or investment on  information  is still not enough
5. virus problem
Shanghai Xiazhou find that many crusher manufacturers also have these kind of problems, especially virus problem. Then what can be done to prevent enterprises from virus problem? This raises questions about other ways of virus transmission and potential reservoirs of infection. Here are some tips. the shared folder
 2.limit the use of other media
3.audit the out-bound emails  
4.limit the use of chat tools and chat record
5.Management on the  use of office printer 
 As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai XiaZhou mainly produce crusher equipments for different needs.They have long been the leader in producing efficient products.

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