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Crusher manufacturer Should Lay Heavy Stress on Integrity

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

In recent years, accidents cause by the poor quality of crusher have constantly  been reported, the quality and safety of crusher equipments have caught more and more people's attention. What's more, some people hold the point that a man can' t be too careful during the operation of ccrusher equipments. Shanghai XiaZhou Heavy Industry considers that although the regular operation of machinery and equipment is critical, some factors of crusher such as quality, maintenance and installation should be emphasized, the quality and safety of crusher should be consistent with its development speed.
      The reason why there are ongoing accidents on crusher is that crusher manufacturers only focus on production quantity. Usually, they use rather low price to attract customers. Unfortunately, the safety and quality are not that favorable and the installation and maintenance are non-standard. What's more, some enterprises purchase inferior raw materials during the process of production. These bad ways harm the interests of consumers. They exaggerate the function and quality of products and try to escape responsibility when accidents happen.
      Those enterprises can not achieve integrity will not be accepted by their customers. As a result, their behavior will have bad influence on the reputation of the company. After a long time, they will become notorious in the market. Shanghai Xiazhou urge enterprises to take a long-term view and lay heavy stress on integrity.

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