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Mobile Crushing: Flexible Way to Deal With Construction waste

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

 With the rapid process of urbanization in China, urban villages have been reconstructed, undocumented building have been demolished. Old city rebuilding is the necessary production during the process of city development. As a result, more and more city construction waste has thus been produced. It becomes one of the pollution sources in environment protection. Therefore, it is urgent for us to to come up with some ideas in order  to make full use of various construction waste resources and reduce pollution to the environment. 
         Most of construction waste can be used as a new renewable resources after being  sorted, waste eliminated and smashed. In order to increase the recycle ratio, Shanghai XiaZhou produce a new type of mobile crushing. It adopts advanced technology and has excellent screening system. It can not only finish the independent operation but also be able to work flexibly  as a configuration system. In the construction site, waste can be directly handled without transference. Deserted resources can be reasonably recycled and reused. Waste can be changed into treasure. On the other hand, it will reduce the operating costs during transportation and unloading. The economic purpose of lower down the emission of carbon dioxide can be reached.
       Mobile crushing has stable performance, flexible mobility and can maximize the  processing skills, Meanwhile, it can make use of the construction waste and turn it into renewable resources. It is widely used in garbage processing operations, and shares a good reputation among customers.

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