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XiaZhou Heavy Industry: Technology Innovation and Potential Stimulation

Date:2012-04-26    Source:

         With the rapid development of economic growth, many domestic enterprises have entered into mining machinery industry, and they try to find their own place in the fierce competition. The situation provides favorable conditions for new research and technology innovation of crusher, and lead to the flourishing development of crusher industry. Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry focuses on product innovation and high-tech introduction, and break out of an encirclement.
         With nearly 20 years of production experience, Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry has first-class product technology, quality of service superb. It is specialized in the production of crusher, sand-making machine, mobile crushing and powder separator. They produce equipments such as impact crusher, cone crusher, jaw crusher , hammer crusher and etc. They have long been pursuing products with high quality, high efficiency and energy saving. Some products are exported overseas even in the miiddle East, east Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and other regions .
         Let the products strive for perfection is their invariable faith. Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry has been improving to make the high-quality crusher and sand making equipment. With advanced design technology and outstanding production lines configuration services, they are active in domestic construction, mining, and metallurgy industry. Just like a blooming flower in crusher industry and has a lot of potential .

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