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Development Direction of Mining Machinery

Date:2012-04-25    Source:


Nowadays, the market competition is getting more and more intense, domestic mining machinery are now facing rapid growth. Many enterprises have done whatever they can to get an invincible position in the market. Generally, they focus on marketing management. The current unrest may easily produce more opportunities as a chain reaction. Enterprises intend to seize the golden opportunity and expand the market, they should abandon the obsolete marketing pattern. The traditional way is to sell the products at a very low price in order to attract more customers. At present, both enterprises andl dealers should change the dated way. The correct way is to develop more high value-added products and to enhance the competitiveness of their products .
        Today, the world is fast developing in the age of economic globalization, domestic mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry gradually become the main force of world mining machinery and equipment industry. Demands for the mining machinery equipments are rapidly increasing both at home and abroad. The needs of equipments in some developed countries are increasing at a speed of more than 10% every year. After 10 years of development, mining machinery and equipment products has gradually formed certain series, standards and brands. Not only do they vary in types but also stable in product quality. They also have certain competitive power in the international market  .
        Mining machinery enterprises should make full use of the existing market advantages, and consolidate the traditional mining machinery equipments. What they should do is to innovate new products, improve backward technique and increase the added value. They should brand themselves based on the local cultural background, establish a good reputation, and provide customers with high-quality products and perfect service. They should develop new products and core technology to upgrade the industrial structure.
        Meanwhile, if mining machinery enterprises fail to keep up with brand promotion, after-sales protection and service, they will not be able to reach the designated position, which will directly affect the long-term development of an enterprise. After-sales service is the most important parts. Products with good reputation, proper brand promotion will definitely meet customers' needs. Mining machinery enterprises must use wisdom to explore their own selling way, improve the product quality, and create their own brands .

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