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Assembly Line of Limestone Stimulate Cement Production

Date:2012-04-20    Source:

 Limestone is used as raw material in different industries. It shares a good reputation in history for its abundance, wide distribution and easy to obtain. As one of the most important building materials, limestone has a long history of mining. In modern industry, limestone is main raw materiaa in producing cement, lime and calcium carbide. It is known as an indispensable flux limestone in metallurgical industry. High -quality limestone is widely used in paper making, rubber, paint, coating, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding manufacturing after being ground into fine powder.
        According to some statistics, consumption of limestone in cement production is 1/3 compare with that of in construction stone, lime production, metallurgy flux and super fine calcium carbonate. Limestone is non-renewable resource, except for the improvement of science and technology, the development of nanotechnology will definitely broaden itsapplication field. At present, invisible war among cement enterprises in our country, also can be seen as war for limestone resources. Because they value limestone resources as an effective strategy to improve their own development.
       Generally, limestone can only reach the requirement of cement materials after crushing and grinding. With the reform and opening up, development of national economy is speeding up, cement industry is developing rapidly at the same time. During the "12th Five Year" period, the mode of economic development is changing, demands for cement will gradually alter from rapid growth, moderate growth and to slow growth in domestic market. Base material of cement and other products are developing quickly. It has been forecast that the annual growth of cement is about 3% ~ 4%, and domestic demands for cement will be around 2.2 billion-2.3 billion tons in 2015 , so the demand for limestone in cement  industry will be soaring.
        To meet the demand for cement production , Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry specialize in  large-scale mining machinery, in the process of crushing  limestone, an assembly line of has been  set up, this type of limestone crusher has a energy saving line configuration, which cater for the requirements of 1000 t/d of clinker production line of limestone .


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