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Two Annoying Problems Exist in Crusher Industry

Date:2012-04-19    Source:

     The overall status of crusher industry is promising in our country recently, to some extent, its foreground is very broad. However, malaises still exists behind the fine surface. Technical innovation and brand management are two cores and desperately need to be solved.
     With the rapid development of key industry, gradually, crusher industries involves fields such as mining, cement, construction and metallurgy. Compared with international advanced crusher, traditional domestic ones tend to be timeworn and often fail to meet the needs of production . Therefore, special attention should be paid to new technology development in order to improve the production technology level. It becomes more and more inevitable to produce high quality products and accelerate the update frequency for crusher industry.
    Crusher industry is not only a young industry but also a sunrise industry in our country. Enterprises compete against each other to get a favorable place in the market. Many enterprises have been walking the old road, they don't focus on management mode and brand construction. Chances are that they might be eliminated due to these shortage. In order to get out of the difficult situations and establish a high-end brand image, they should know the importance of strengthening basic management and culture construction. Moreover, efforts should be made to perfect quality management system and strengthen strategic alliance cooperation .
     Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry has been committed to the production of crusher, sand machine, milling machine as well as other large mechanical equipments. Not only do they pay attention to the independent innovation development but also improve the product quality and service at the same time. A group of professional staffs has been cultivated, they try to create a worldwide image of the company. Equipments and other components have been widely sold in nearly 30 provinces at home and more than 70 countries and areas overseas , which contribute a lot to the development of crusher industry in our country.

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