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The state council implements strategy program for exploiting breakthrough

Date:2011-11-12    Source:

19th September, Chinese premier wen Jiabao hosted a executive meeting of state council. The meeting discussed passed the prospecting breakthrough strategic action program (2011-2020) "(hereinafter referred to as the" outline "). The "outline "explicitly pointed the important goal of searching ore: by the implementation of prospecting strategy, make new breakthrough, form a group of important strategic mineral resources in the area, make reserve system of important mineral resources, provide strong resources guarantee and support industry for fast yet steady economic development.   
    The meeting stressed implementation of mineral resources comprehensive utilization of saving and demonstration project by enterprise as the main body to develop mineral resources circulation economy development area. To implement prospecting breakthrough strategic actions, we need to give full play to the market mechanism, and establish a diversified investment platform.   
    The "outline" puts forward development requirements of circulation economy in mineral field. Its revelation to enterprises either as the main body of mineral resources or mineral processing crushing are: they should be based on the national conditions, based on the current situation of the nervous energy, exploit rationally to strengthen the mineral recycling. This will improve the utilization rate of solid tailings again, they should carry out the science development view to realize the sustainable development slightly.   
    The head of Relevant departments of land and resources says, they plan to realize breakthrough on important energy resources prospecting in 8 to 10 years, to promote resources industrial strategy western Movement, Marine and offshore expansion, and establish the important energy resources reserve system.
    Mines in China will face new opportunity of big development. Advanced mining processing, crushing, screening equipments will replace outdated crushing equipment and make a ascent of a new round of mineral exploitation history stage. Nowadays, mining equipment manufacturers will face equipment technology innovation wars. Advanced technology, high scientific and technological content in mining equipment manufacturers will win. XIAZHOU MACHINERY Bases on the core technology innovation, focuses on the development of high technology content crushing machine, provide reliable guarantee for crushing, screening and separating equipment of national exploiting minerals.

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