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Mobile Crusher Builds Green Ecological

Date:2012-04-09    Source:

  Mobile Crusher Builds Green Ecological
      Mining 13ed September, National large-scale modernized coal preparation plant company set up sit-meeting in Yinchuan city, Ningxia. This is the first professional meeting in washing&separating processing hold by coal field in the latest 10 years. It will widely summarize experience from large-scale modernized coal preparation company, and improve coal producing and the way of using. In this way, it will set up a ecological green mining concept of coal mining and construction. Vigorously develop coal washing and processing, promote cleaning and high efficiency using of coal and energy conservation and emission reduction.
      In order to promote coal washing and crushing going smoothly, increase production of coal crushing and improve implement of energy conservation and emission reduction, Shanghai Xiazhou Machinery developed large scale coal separating, washing and crushing equipment. Large scale
jaw crusher and mobile crusher in coal crushing and separating are with advanced technology, high efficiency, and environmental protection. Environment worsening day by day and waste of mess, those caused by mining is an issue now. It not only damages environment, but cannot make full use of the mineral resource.
      In these regards,
Xiazhou Machinery Mobile Crusher makes benefit in making full use of mineral resource, especially in coal preparation. Integration plant work in a mine as a whole. Large scale jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, etc work independently. At the same time deal with the waste in processing, effectively reduce the damage of environment pollution.
      Along with the growth of coal preparing scale, the developing on high coal ash, high sulfur coal, low coat coal, especially brown coal becomes much more serious. It needs separator adn processing equipments more and more urgently. Related technology and equipments develop so slow that is cannot meet the demand of development. Shanghai Xiazhou Machinery set up a concept of green development of coal and building economical mines. Based on large scale crushing equipment, energy conservation can go smoothly, and improve comprehensive utilization of coal in a irrepealable role.

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