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New Mobile Crusher in Waste Treatment

Date:2012-07-06    Source:

       Mobile Crusher is applied to multistage crush large materials, and then screen the discharges according to their different specifications. Shanghai Xiazhou  industry Machinery Co.,Ltd have launched a new type of mobile crusher used for waste treatment.It is the new solution for primary waste crushing combines features of other mobile crushing plants. Therefore, our mobile crusher is a highly flexible crusher that can operate independently of electricity and road networks for up to three days of operation with no need for refueling. It can serve a number of locations, can be integrated flexibly in a machine assembly or can also be leased out at short notice.
       The new waste crusher has been designed both for extreme inclines and difficult areas , as well as for difficult materials such as mattresses, railway sleepers, tree trunks and even thick rolls of paper. Average throughput is between 30 and 500 tons per hour depending on the type of household, commercial and industrial waste as well as wood waste and the crusher type.
      Efficient crushing of bulky waste is crucial for the availability of the entire waste processing plant, as well as for the performance of the downstream sorting and separation technology. The machine will also serve well in waste collecting and demolition sites as well as in forests or for agricultural purpose to reduce bulky waste and other bulky residue. Future demand for rebuilding of landfills so called urban mining will be also a perfect playground for mobile crusher. 
     With the mobile waste crushing solution, Shanghai Xiazhou Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd is responding to the European demand for efficient and flexible waste management solutions.

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