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Screening Process of Vibrating Screen

Date:2012-07-05    Source:

       Vibration screen is usually used to classify material in different size. Rounding Vibrating Screen has been widely used in chemical industries, transportation, construction, energy and mine. It is a multi-layer and high efficient vibrating screen. The screen line of material is long and the screening specification is various. Every screen specification is clear. It adopts the tubbish vibrator and eccentric adjustment, with the feature stable structure, strong exciting force, high efficiency, easy to maintain and durability, handy maintenance and safety.
        Vibrating Screen is one of the auxiliary equipments in stone production line. Although Vibrating Screen doesn't play an important role in the whole production line like Jaw Crusher or Sand Maker, it's necessary. It can not only screen different final sizes but also screen waste garbage.
       The rocks that have been crushed are mixed rockes with different sizes. Before using them or further process, we often need to grade these rock materials into different levels with different granularity. Screening refers to the grading process of separating the mixed materials with different sizes according to their different granularity by means of the multi-hole working face. The multi-hole working face is called screening face and the machine with a screening face that is used for grading materials is called a screening machine.
       The screening process can be divided into three stages, the first screening of the crude ores, the second screening before the burning, the fine screening with the strong magnetic and weak magnetic beneficiation and the residue removing screening in the process of the strong magnet beneficiation.
      The detailed screening process is that the crude ores are screened for the first time and the new can get two kinds of products which are powder ore and lump ore. The lump ore will be screened for the second time and then goes into the shaft furnace for roasting, and the powder ore will directly goes into the strong magnet beneficiation process for screening. Hydrocyclone equipment and spiral grading machine  belong to gravity grading equipment which means that these machines grade materials with the sedimentation theory and the grading efficiency is very low. Generally speaking, it is 30% to 40%.
      Rounding Vibrating Screen is a multi-layer and high efficient vibrating screen( three layers or four layers), it is often used after the use ofJaw Crusher orImpact Crusher. Shanghai Xiazhou adopted eccentric block to produce strong exciting force and the screen are connected with high strength screw bolts. So they have the features of simple structure and easy maintenance.

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