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Shanghai XiaZhou's Note on World Environment Day

Date:2012-06-07    Source:

World Environment Day is an effective platform for the United Nations to promot global environmental consciousness and raise their attention on environmental problems. The theme of our country this year is "Green Consumption, Have You Acted Yet ?". It is aimed at change the traditional concept of consumption and establish sustainable consumption patterns.
  In recent years, environmental problem has been the obstacles that restrict the development of society, people have little consciousness on green consumption  and consumption patterns are not that mature. Therefore, we have introduced a series of subsidies plans to support the research and development of energy saving products, since the green industry will create a good environment for the whole market. Mining machinery industry should also start to follow suit and provide more green equipments for cement, chemical and  construction industry .
  Green consumption is a consumption pattern that saves resources and reduce pollution. It has becoming one of the most important aspects in environmental protection. Shanghai XiaZhou Industry Machinery Co., Ltd, as a professional crusher manufacturer, we constantly improve the technology of products, at the same time, we pay much attention on energy conservation and emission reduction. We will make every effort to cater for customers' different needs.
  With the development of economy and the improvement of people's life, people now advocate environmental protection. Green consumption has become an unstoppable trend in social development. ShanghaiXiaZhou appeal to you to take action and protect the environment.


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