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Three Factors That Limit the Development of Domestic Crusher Industry

Date:2012-05-31    Source:

With the rapid development of domestic economy, crusher industry has made up almost half of the market and  gradually it has reached the international standards. However, in the process of development, many problems arise that seriously influence the development of domestic crusher industry. Shanghai Xiazhou will help you analyse the facrors,
1. The unsure qualities and the mixed brands
Throughout the market environment of domestic crusher industry, there are lots of small and medium-sized enterprises and the competition is getting more and more fierce. Quality is the life of an enterprise and the core of competition. The 21st century is the century of quality. In addition, brand is the value added. Therefore, to improve product quality and cast the world brand is the only way for the development of domestic crusher industry.
2. Low-technology and energy-inefficient products
During the implement of the "12th five Year Plan",  we now focus on energy saving and emission reduction. Crusher industry, as an important support of infrastructure, plays a vital role in modernization construction. Traditional crusher equipments have low technical content and enterprises  pay little attention on innovation. As a result, they fail to satisfy the market demand. Introduction of advanced technology and excellent talents, improvement of product technical content, independent research and development are the guidance for  crusher industry to push the limits.
3, Enterprises are big but not so powerful
China is a manufacturing power of crusher equipments, the total production accounts for about half of all global output. However, there is a great gap existed between the overseas enterprises and the domestic ones. in all aspects are not perfect. Compared with the international advanced level, domestic enterprises are big but not so powerful. In order to change the current situation,we have to upgrade and try to find a position in the  international market.
Shanghai XiaZhou will use wisdom and innovation to search for new development direction, at the same time, we will improve product quality to strengthen market competitiveness. I We can foresee a bright future for crusher industry.

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