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XiaZhou Heavy Industry: Pioneer in Green Energy Conservation

Date:2012-04-23    Source:

        At present, in order to promote the comprehensive and coordinated development in our country, people are advocated to save energy and improve energy efficiency, to protect and improve the environment quality. Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry follows the new trend and launch a series of environment -friendly and economical crusher equipments.
       In modern society, energy conservation and emission reduction are two main problems, which catch people's attention. The so-called energy conservation and emission reduction, refers to the feasibility and rationality of economic strategy, is to enhance the further management of resources. Meanwhile, it is used to lower consumption, reduce the resource loss and emissions of pollutants from production to sales . The way to achieve this is the effective and rational use of energy. Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry produce equipment with the lower consumption and longer working life, they perfect design principles, optimize the structure of the product fitting. Luckily, they improve work efficiency and make use of the equipment. 
        With the booming development of mining machinery, XiaZhou heavy industry gradually innovate and improve, they produce a new series of environmental protection products .They are widely used in construction, cement and chemical industry. For example, XiaZhou launch a waste treatment equipment--mobile crusher station. The equipment will crush construction waste preliminary with thick crusher, then convey the waste into the second crusher and break again, and then into the separator, thus the construction waste can be used as renewable resources.
       XiaZhou heavy industry accurately understand the market tendency, strengthen technology innovation and pay attention to working efficiency. They establish a comprehensive after-sales service system network ,and provide affordable and reliable green energy saving equipment.

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