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Superfine Pendulum Grinder

Pendulum Grinder is widely used in soil, non-metallic minerals, chemical compounds, metals and  building materials industry.  According to different requirements,  the finished product size can be 0.125-0.044mm (equivalent to 120-325 mesh) . In the non-metallic minerals industry , it is widely used as a crushing equipment.

Superfine Pendulum Grinder

Descriptions:The mill, manufactured by our company, has adopted the most advanced technologies aboard and designed according to the practical situation at home.
        It is widely used for grinding materials like earth, nonmetal ore, chemical compounds, metals, building materials, etc. 
        The size of products is within 0.125-0.044mm (120-325mesh). The machine is especially used in the production of nonmetal ores.

Use:It can be used to grind materials such as pyrite, wollastonite, talcum, asbestos, feldspar, gypsum, barite, Witherite, trona, calcite, magnesite, fluorite, gems, jade, agate, limestone, chalk, dolomite, quartzrock, sandstone, quartz sand, diatomaceous earth, shale, kaolin, ceramic clay, fire-proof clay, marble, granite, halite ore, boron ore, phosphate ore, etc. with Mohs scale of hardness under 7 and humidity below 6%.

Composition:It consists of the mainframe, the selector, the pipe device, the blower, the crusher, the elevator, the vibrating feeder, the hopper, the cleaner, the integrated electrical controller, etc.

Features:1.The size of the products is smaller. It can grind blocks with sizes within 1-20mm and produce products with sizes less than 1250mesh. high productivity The productivity is 30% more than that of the Raymond grinder. 2.Economical. 3.Environmentally friendly: The working area is very clean and little powder is released. 4.Wide range of applications: It is tested that the pendulous grinder is available to grind all materials which can be ground. 5.Higher efficiency: The larger roller increases contact area.

Working Principle:The shaft rotates with the transmission. On the top of the shaft, there is a quincuncial frame on which a roller device and a shovel device are installed. The material is thrown between the roller and the ring by the shovel device, and ground by the centrifugal force generated by the rotating roller. Powder in required sizes will blow away by the blower, is classified in the separator, is discharged after passing through the pipe with the air.

Superfine Pendulum Grinder supporting power table:

Category 4MRX3516 5MRX4419 5MRX5525
Mill 37 75 200
Grader 15 30 75
Blower 30 55 185
Jaw Crusher 11 15 30
Elevator 3 3 7.5
Elevator 0.06 0.2 0.2
Dust Filter 2.6 5.2 1.1
Wind blockage vale 0.75 1.1 3
Total power 99.41 184.5 511.7
Percent 101.40% 108.10%  


Technical Data table:

Category 4MRX3516 5MRX4419 5MRX5525
Roller 350×160 440×190 550×250
Ring 1000×170 1270×220 1800×260
Revolving Speed 140 108 84
Wind Velocity 14000 23500 60250
Wind Pressure 7000 7700 9264
Revolving Speed 170-1750 130-1350 110-1100
Fineness of the finished products ≤1250mu ≤1250mu ≤1250mu


Product fineness 4MRX3516 5MRX4419 5MRX5525
mu D97um Kg/h Kwh/t Kg/h Kwh/t Kg/h Kwh/t
325 ≤44 3500 25.3 6500 24.5 20000 22
425 ≤36 2800 29.2 5200 29.1 16000 27
600 ≤22 1500 51.2 3000 49.4 9500 40
800 ≤15 1000 71.3 2100 66.2 6800 58
1000 ≤13 700 92.6 1500 86.5 5000 78
1250 ≤10 500 117 1000 109 3300 95