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DVSI Sand-Making Machine

DVSI sand-making machine is used for  crushing and shaping metal , non-metallic minerals, building materials and metallurgical slag.

DVSI sand-making machine plant display map

Description:The DVSI machine is used to make sand from river pebbles, stones, tailings, stone crumbs, etc. It can also be used to crush materials in construction, metallurgy, chemical, mining, fire-resistant materials, cement, abrasive materials industries.
        The machine is famous for its low power consumption and large productivity. The design and the angle by which materials are thrown have been optimized. The patent self-circulating wind system of the machine improves efficiency.

Advantages:1.Energy-saving 2.High productivity 3.Simple structure 4.Durable and cost-effective 5.Oil with low viscosity is used as the lubricant. 6.Parts are very easy to replace. 7.High pack density 8.Reduced dust level.

Features:1.Simple structure and stable operation. 2.Round shape: saving material. 3.Oil with low density is used to lubricate the shaft. 4.The hydraulically actuated lid is easy to control. 5.Some wear parts made from abrasive materials are small and light, and easy to replace. 6.Low power consumption and high reduction ratio. 7.High pack density. 8.The humidity (as high as 8%) of materials has little influence on production. 9.The machine is durable because stones can protect the bottom of the body during production. 10.The machine can be used to make sand, shape stones, crush stones by way of either “rock on rock” or “rock on iron”. The mechanism “rock on rock” helps prolong service time of parts and reduce cost.

Composition:The machine comprises the feeder, the separator, the vortex chamber, the impeller, the shaft, the transmission, the motor, etc.

Working Principle:The crushing has applied the mechanism “rock on rock” and the friction between materials. As a result, sizes of material must be in accordance with technical parameters. In addition, the maximum humidity should be under 20%. The smaller the material is, the smaller the finished products are or vice versa.
        The size of the finished products can be changed by adjusting the speed of the impeller. The percentage of pass is up to 60% if the size of the finished products is less than 10mm.

DVSI sand-making maching technical parameters:

Model Max.feed size
Rotor diameter
Overall Dimension
DVSI600 40 610 1600 120 160 6500 3670×1821×2100
DVSI800 40 713 1200 180 200 8500 4037×2070×2375
DVSI1000 40 1050 1000 240 250 12000 4890×2386×2678