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Hammer Crusher

The crusher is widely used in fields of metallurgy, construction, hydropower project, cement making, chemical engineering and mining. It can be used to crush dry or wet material like limestone, cinder, coal with fracture strength less than 150MPa and humidity less than 15%.

Hammer Crusher Figure

Description:The hammer crusher is widely used in fields of metallurgy, mining, construction and large hydropower project.
        It is market-driven. Its hammerhead is made from wear-resistant materials, which makes the production more efficient. 
        It is well-sealed. There is less pollution with less powder released. The material to be crushed should have fracture strength less than 150MPa and humidity less than 15%.

Working Principle:The crusher uses impact to crush materials. During operation, the motor drives the roller to rotate at a high speed. When the material is fed into the chamber, the hammer which is rotating at a high speed hits and cuts the material. In the meantime, because of gravity, the material at a high speed hits with the guard board and the plate. Material that can get through holes on the screen will be discharged while the rest will remain in the chamber for further crushing.

Advantages:1.The hammer is heavy-duty because of the wear-resistant alloy head. 2.Modern design and firm structure. 3.The sealed condition reduces pollution and powder releasing. 4.The plates that can be moved to change the distance between each other are very firm. 5.Having introduced advanced technologies, it has high efficiency and is environmentally friendly. 6.Stable and firm structure, and modern design.

Hammer Crusher Technical Data:

Model Speed
Feed size
Selected size
Overall Dimensions
PC-400×300 1450 ≤100 10 3-10 0.8 11 812×9827×85
PC-500×350 1250 ≤100 15 5-15 1.2 18.5 1200×1114×1114
PC-600×400 1000 ≤220 15 5-25 1.5 22 1055×1022×1122
PC-800×600 980 ≤350 15 10-5 3.1 55 1360×1330×102
PC-800×800 980 ≤350 15 10-60 3.4 75 1440×1740×1101
PC-1000×800 1000 ≤400 13 20-75 7.9 115 3514×2230×1515